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Broadway Flowers - by Kristin Amenson
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273 E. Erie St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. except holidays

MIAD is Wisconsin's only fully-accredited, nonprofit, independent college of art and design granting the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. MIAD's galleries are located in the college's Jane Bradley Pettit Building, 273 E. Erie Street, in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward.

MIAD Gallery Exhibits

Humanly Possible: The Empathy Exhibition
Frederick Layton Gallery
January 12 - March 10, 2018
Featuring diverse perspectives, this exhibit aims to engage the human potential for empathy in the current polarized political and cultural landscape.

Perspectives on Form, Function, and Innovation
Brooks Stevens Gallery
Now - March 3, 2018
This experimental furniture exhibit, a MIAD/Chipstone Foundation collaboration, introduces visitors to myriad ways of thinking about chairs, “chairness,” and the physical act of sitting.
Friday: 5 to 9 pm, Saturday: 10am to 5pm


233 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am-5pm; Saturday 11am-4pm

Established in 1988, the Tory Folliard Gallery is a showcase for contemporary art by nationally recognized artists. Focusing on traditional media and content, the Gallery offers an impressive collection of painting, sculpture, and photography. Each year the Gallery presents a series of in-depth exhibitions of museum quality art.


Tory Folliard Gallery Exhibits

Rodger Bechtold - As I See It
January 5-February 10
Artist's Reception: Gallery Night, Friday, January 19, 5-9pm
Exuberant color and painterly brushstrokes fill the canvases of Midwest landscape painter, Rodger Bechtold. Based on direct observation, recollection, and invention, Bechtold's paintings blend representation and abstraction with straightforward beauty.

Richard Taylor - My Farm
January 5-February 10
Artist's Reception: Gallery Night, Friday, January 19, 5-9pm
Wisconsin artist, Richard Taylor, creates aluminum sculptures that reflect the artist’s appreciation for the geometry and poetry of the agricultural landscape. Silos, sheds, barns, and homes form unique villages in each farmyard.

Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher
February 17 - March 17
Married artists Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher are life-long Wisconsin residents. Both execute a type of rural portraiture of the world they inhabit - one on the micro and the other on the macro scale.

Cathy Martin
March 24 – April 14
A Wisconsin farmer by trade, Martin's photo-realistic paintings recount a long history of early mornings on the family farm. Her work tells the story of a subtle longing for life little changed from generation to generation.

Michael Noland
March 24 – April 14
Influenced by traditional American scenes and Chicago Imagism, Michael Noland's gouache paintings mold a vision that is uniquely his own. His paintings of unique animals and plants seem both darkly surreal and amusing as they pulsate with reverberating colors, exaggeration of form, and repetition of line.

Chris Berti
April 20 - May 26
Chris Berti's inviting sculptures of animals and everyday sculptural objects teem with whimsy and wonder. His new sculptures are each methodically made from found ceramic drainage tiles, turn of the century antique bricks, cut logs, marble, and granite.

Ron Isaacs
April 20 - May 26
Contemporary tromp l'oeil techniques continue to surprise viewers in Ron Isaac's beautifully painted wood sculptures. The artist’s convincing representations of vintage clothing, plant materials, and time-patinated found objects come together in visually rich, and often surprising combinations to suggest metaphors for the relationships of human life and nature, memory, and the passage of time.

Terrence Coffman
June 1 - June 30
Best known for his fluid, dynamic, and colorful abstractions, Terrence Coffman's paintings reaffirm his interest and roots in abstract expressionism. The exhibition includes a survey of Coffman’s paintings over the last ten years.

July 13 – September 8
For thirty years, Tory Folliard Gallery has brought exceptional artwork to Milwaukee. In celebration the Gallery is mounting the 30th Anniversary Exhibition, highlighting the outstanding artwork from its stable of artists. This blockbuster exhibition includes up to 150 works in painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography.

Mark Forth
September 14 – October 13
Delving into a realm of stillness and shadow, Mark Forth's paintings portray antique furnishings, austere architecture and eerie lighting. These objects become interpreters for mute figures that stand, crouch, or recline impassively in softly lit, cinematic scenes of private reflection and the surreal.

Fred Stonehouse
September 14 – October 13
Fred Stonehouse's witty, surreal paintings continue to entertain us with his newest body of work. His masterful brushstrokes bring both sentimental and rebellious figures to life.






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