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third ward
third ward
Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC.
Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC.

Relentless. Inspired. Committed. Authentic. We are proud to provide the same wide array of litigation services as many of the biggest firms in the country. What sets us apart is the personal attention and representation we bring to every client. Our team of professionals share an almost fanatical commitment to practicing law as a means of balancing the unbalanced, leveling the unleveled, and bringing big-time results to you, our client. Our founding partners have assembled a team of incredibly gifted attorneys and cultivated a high-energy, creatively unbridled, and relentlessly solution-driven environment.

325 E. Chicago St. Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53202
M-F 8am-5pm

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