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Graffiti Removal Program

We are pleased that property and business owners, as well as tenants and residents, continue to call and report graffiti. This helps us keep on top of things! The HTWA Streetscape Staff can usually have the graffiti removed within 24 hours after a call. However, if it is impossible for them to remove it, the HTWA will notify the enrolled property owner, who must then notify our authorized graffiti removal contractor.

We are once again able to offer the Graffiti Removal Program to property owners located within the BID district. The Historic Third Ward Association will assist enrolled property owners with the cost of graffiti removal.

Please follow the instructions below outlining how to report graffiti.

  1. Call the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-933-4444 to report the graffiti. Ask for an incident number.
    (Calling the MPD helps to build a case against the tagger).
  2. Call the HTWA office at 414-273-1173 to report the graffiti and incident number.
  3. HTWA Staff will visit the site and take pictures and forward them to the MPD.
  4. HTWA Streetscapes Staff will remove the tag. If it is too large or if they are unsuccessful in removing it, they will notify the HTWA Staff.

In the case the HTWA cannot remove it:

  1. HTWA staff will contact the Property Owner. The Property Owner will complete a Graffiti Fax Job Order form and fax it to both the MCC/NIP (414-643-7938) and HTWA (414-273-2205).
  2. MCC/NIP will call Property Owner to set up a time to remove the graffiti.
  3. Upon completion of removal, MCC/NIP issues invoice to Property Owner.
  4. Property Owner pays MCC/NIP invoice and submits proof of payment to the HTWA for reimbursement.
  5. HTWA/City reimburses Property Owner up to $50/$50.
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