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Milwaukee Street Parking Structure by Cindy Kennedy-Lesky
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Where To Park

The City offers FREE two-hour parking at meters on Saturdays and FREE parking at meters all day on Sundays.

Plus, parking at meters is FREE after 6pm Monday through Friday.

212 N. Milwaukee Street (Corner of Milwaukee and Chicago - entrance on Milwaukee)
   Booth: 414.347.1821
   Attendant on duty: M-F: 3pm-6pm

225 E. Chicago Street (Corner of Water and Chicago - entrance on Chicago)
   Booth: 414.727.2482
   Attendant on duty:

Mon: Noon-8pm

Tue:   Noon-10pm

Wed:  Noon-10pm

Thur:  Noon-10pm

Fri:  Noon-12am

Sat: 1pm – 12am or 1am if busy

Monthly Parking Rates
Monthly Rent
Weekday Only
Monday - Friday Access
$20 Key Card Deposit
Weekday - Reserved
No longer being offered - grandfathered spaces only
No Longer Available
24 Hour/ 7 Days a Week
24-hour Access
$20 Key Card Deposit

Secured Reserved

(Water Street Only)

24-hour Private

Garage Door Access

$30 Remote Control & $10 FOB Deposit
Rates effective June 1, 2017



Daily Parking Rates   Parking Validation Program

Up to 2 hours


To allow area businesses to pay for their clients/customers parking, we offer a validation program. Vouchers purchased in bulk (more than $500 per order), will be given a 15% discount. The vouchers will only sold in groups of 10 and will have an expiration date of three years from their issue. 

To make a purchase, contact Parking Manager

Cindy Lesky at 414.347.1821.


2 to 3 hours $8.00  
3 to 4 hours $10.00  
4 to 8 hours $15.00  
8 to 10 hours $20.00  
10 to 24 hours $25.00  
Each 24 hours $25.00   Voucher Value Regular Bulk
Lost Ticket $50.00   10 Vouchers - 2 Hours of Parking $45 $39
      10 Vouchers - 4 Hours of Parking $85 $73
      10 Vouchers 8 Hours of Parking $105 $90
      Rates effective June 1, 2017


Parking Structures Owned by BID No. 2 and Operated by Historic Third Ward Association
Cindy Lesky, Parking Manager
212 N. Milwaukee Street
Phone/Fax: 414.347.1821

Hours: 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday

(After 3pm, please see the booth attendant)



The shuttle runs Mon-Fri from 6am to 9pm.  It is the only on-call FREE shuttle service of its kind in Milwaukee.  The map shows general route "guidelines". The shuttle does not always run the route on a regular basis, however these are the main areas that are covered during its operation. 

If you are in need of a ride, we recommend calling the shuttle directly at the number below. Riders should not wait longer than 15 minutes for a ride. (NOTE: Hours & pickup schedule will be adjusted or change according to the demand of the shuttle service.)

To request a shuttle please call  414-467-4660

Italian Community Center Morning Pick-ups:

In order to maintain balance during the early morning demand for the shuttle, scheduled pickups from the Italian Community Center parking lot began in January 2017.  Between the hours of 7:30am to 9:30am, anyone who needs a ride from the ICC will need to choose between the following pickup times:





The shuttle driver will wait no longer than 2 minutes at each pickup time, due to the increase in calls from other pickup locations in the Third Ward. The shuttle will not respond to phone requests from the ICC lot between 7:30am to 9:30am.  We will offer the on-call service outside this time frame for ICC parkers.  We ask all riders to be patient, as it is typical that request for ridership increases dramatically during both the morning and evening rush hours.

Questions or concerns - please call 414-336-1111


Chase Bank Parking Structure

525 N. Water St.
Booth: 414-755-8408
Parking Information: 414-847-5723
Attendant on duty: M-F 7am-7pm
For more information on monthly availability & rates please email

Standard Parking





0-30 min



30 Min-1 Hr



1-2 Hr



2-3 Hr



3+ Hrs



Evening Parking





After 5pm



Weekend Parking





All Day



Early Bird Parking





In before 9am out after 2pm



Location Contact Info Rate Status
Historic Third Ward

Joseph Property Development


Multiple lots/structures in the Historic Third Ward.  Please contact us for details at 414.277.7771 or Call for details.
151 N. Broadway

Sue Flaherty


Call for pricing. Monthly reserved spaces FULL
151 N. Broadway

Downtown Auto Parking


$125/mo - night & weekend .

Call for night/weekend parking or lot reservations.

Limited availability
202 N. Jackson St.

SP+ Parking / Grainger Lot


$5 flat daily rate
Limited availability
212 N. Jefferson St.

HBJ of Wisconsin


$85 a month, 6 month lease, regular business hours parking, Reserved Parking FULL Until June 2018
239 E. Erie St.

Wally Friedman


$130/mo Limited availability
240 N. Milwaukee St.

Two Forty Corp


Assigned Spaces


Limited availablity
400 N. Water St.

Milwaukee Public Market



hourly available

431 N. Milwaukee St.

Secure Parking


Please visit for hourly, evening, and daily rates.

631 E. Chicago St.

Italian Community Center


$80/mo; $5/day (except during festivals); $160/mo - overnight Limited availability
633 E. Buffalo St. 414.727.1615 $90/mo; $5/day, $10 events

Limited availability


Valet Parking available by Downtown Auto Parking - call Gail Hesiak at 414.276.8588 for more information.


Visit - Your complete parking resource for Downtown Milwaukee.


The Milwaukee Police Department reminds to you lock your vehicle and take all valuables - such as cell phones, GPS units, laptops, etc. - with you when leaving your vehicle.  Park at your own risk.
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